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HSBC Structured Investments offer you and your clients an alternative to traditional long-only investments. HSBC Structured Investments present a unique risk-return to help clients achieve their investment objectives, such as risk management for retirement, periodic income to manage cash flow and debt, and the potential for enhanced returns.

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In today's dynamic and ever-changing financial markets, investors face a growing number of challenges in achieving financial security and comfort. You can't trust your client's hard earned money to just any big name bank.

HSBC is the recognized leader of U.S. retail structured investments. Based on the industry benchmark survey by Greenwich Associates, HSBC was voted the leading provider of structured investments to U.S. retail clients for 10 consecutive years and ranked #1 in Overall Market Penetration and #1 in Quality.

About Structured Investments

How do HSBC Structured Investments can help you achieve financial goals.

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HSBC Innovation

As a leading global bank, HSBC constantly innovates to help a broad range of clients navigate challenges and capture opportunities in an ever changing world. HSBC Structured Investments proudly offers a suite of unique, innovative solutions with broad appeal and applicability, to meet the needs of your investors as they pursue diverse financial goals.

HSBC’s Latest Innovations

Sustainable Investments

Proceeds from a structured investment issuance are pledged towards projects that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals framework, while the structured investment itself is linked to an ESG-focused US equity index.

Visit the HSBC Sustainable Initiatives website.

AiPEX5 Index

The latest index in the HSBC AiPEX portfolio, AiPEX5 is an Artificially Intelligent index with a 5% daily volatility control feature.

Visit the AiPEX5 site.

AiPEX6 Index

The first and only Artificially Intelligent index to use IBM WatsonTM to deliver performance, AiPEX6 is both risk controlled and seeks growth in a variety of market conditions.

Visit the AiPEX6 site.

Vantage+ Index

Designed to maximize exposure to performing assets, this Index not only maintains a daily volatility target but also allows for 1.5x leverage in periods of low volatility.

Visit the Vantage+ website.

Vantage5 Index

This diversified, low volatility Index aims to achieve above average returns while guarding against a degree of losses during market downturns.

Visit the Vantage5 Index website.

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Access to the Advisor Center provides you with a robust array of resources to enrich your investment practice and help you accurately answer your clients' questions.

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HSBC has translated our most popular client approved brochure, A Guide to Your Market Linked CD Value, into a selection of languages to help investors better understand how HSBC Structured Investments can enhance their financial portfolio.

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Despite being one of the world's largest banks and financial institutions, HSBC has maintained excellence in service and stability. But don't take our word for it...

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HSBC has traveled a long way since its beginning in 1865 - from a small local bank to a leader in global banking and finance with a strong presence in the United States. Today, we believe that being part of a global organization brings strengths that benefit our clients - combining the advantages of worldwide presence and scale with local knowledge and service.

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