HSBC Structured Investments

HSBC Structured Investments offer you an alternative to traditional long-only investments. HSBC Structured Investments present a unique risk-return to help you achieve your investment objectives, such as risk management for retirement, periodic income to manage cash flow and debt, and the potential for enhanced returns.

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Structured Investments

How HSBC Structured Investments can help you achieve financial goals.

achieve retirement goals

Achieve Retirement goals

A retiree seeking to maximize their retirement savings but can't afford the full risk of the markets may invest in HSBC Structured Investments to take advantage of market potential while receiving downside protection against loss.

reduce risk

Reduce risk

HSBC Structured Investments offer investors full or partial protection at maturity and provide the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of ETFs and International Markets for a minimum investment.

*Subject to issuer credit risk

Diversify your portfolio

Diversify your portfolio

HSBC Structured Investments are linked to a variety of markets, such as US, Emerging Markets, and Global ETFs, enabling you to enter markets that are otherwise difficult to access in a way that provides downside protection and predictable outcomes.

HSBC Innovation

As a leading global bank, HSBC constantly innovates to help a broad range of investors navigate challenges and capture opportunities in an ever changing world. HSBC Structured Investments proudly offers a suite of unique, innovative solutions with broad appeal and applicability, to meet your needs as you pursue your financial goals.

HSBC Artificially Intelligent Indexes

HSBC's AiPEXAR Artificially Intelligent Index

The AI Powered US Equity Indexes are the first and only rules-based equity strategies to use IBM Watson to turn data into investment insight.

Visit the HSBC AI
Index website.

HSBC Vantage5 Index

HSBC's Vantage+

The HSBC Vantage+ Index is designed to balance a strategic combination of ETFs and Cash to deliver growth potential with managed volatility.

Visit the HSBC Vantage+
Index website.

Structured Investments

New to HSBC and Structured Products? These brochures provide an overview of HSBC and how HSBC Structured Products provide potential for higher returns while protecting your investment.

Translated Brochures

HSBC has translated our most popular brochures, HSBC Market-Linked CDs, which outlines how HSBC Market-Linked CDs work within a portfolio as well as some of the key benefits and features, and A Guide to Your Market Linked CD Value, which helps your clients navigate how to read their HSBC Market-Linked CD statement and understand how these investments perform over time, into a selection of languages to help investors better understand how HSBC Structured Investments can enhance their financial portfolio.



HSBC has traveled a long way since its beginning in 1865. Today, we believe that being part of a global organization brings strengths that benefit our clients - combining the advantages of worldwide presence and scale with local knowledge and service.

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